The Benefits of Using a Third Party SIEM SOC Centre

Businesses in South Africa are learning the hard way that they cannot control cybercrime on their own. The sheer volume of security breaches in companies has escalated to such an extent that the cost is devastating to many organisations. The use of a third party SIEM SOC Centre is the one area that owners and managers can turn to for the type of cyber protection that is required. These are the professionals that can maintain the highest level of security, testing and vigilance in an ever growing and changing realm of cyberattacks.

SIEM is security information and event management, and company leaders that understand the requirement in being proactive, are using third party SIEM SOC Centres as their main source for network security. The benefits of this choice go beyond what some companies have used in the past, which has been to rely on the knowledge of their internal IT staff. This takes things to an entirely new level and for SA businesses, it is now a must to maintain their proprietary data.

According to a Gartner report:  “By 2020, 75% of all SIEM solutions will use big data technologies at their core, along with machine learning to improve threat detection capabilities.” This is a priority as it incorporates the immediacy of learned behaviours to detect potential breaches in almost any network. The third party SIEM SOC Centre can adapt to potential breach changes based on known algorithms and create a roadmap for action that is specific to each organisation. It is the use of patterns to design a personalised cybersecurity platform that assists in the protection as cyber threats alter.

The SIEM SOC Centre team works in conjunction with both the integral methods of a company’s network and the latest updates on cyberattack methods. This allows them to circumvent potential breaches before they happen and take actions to tighten up any network vulnerabilities.

South Africa is grown exponentially as a global leader in internet use. Since there is little or no government legislation regarding cybersecurity, it is up to each company to take the personal actions needed to protect their systems. Financial budgeting for cybersecurity is now considered to be part of the cost of doing business in today’s world and the savvy organisations are investing in the use of third part SIEM SOC Centres to protect their investments and their customers.

Companies in SA have been losing R2.2 billion annually due to cybercrime and those are just the reported incidences. It’s assumed that the loss is far beyond the scope due to lack of disclosure from many businesses that have experienced attacks. No known as the “hacking economy”, criminals have designed sophisticated ploys and software and to combat the crime, organisations are turning to SIEM SOC Centres and their exceptional teams of experts and next generation technologies.

Da Vinci Siem Soc Da Vinci Siem Soc

“There is a state of resilience in incident response in SIEM SOC Centres that cannot be met with any other form of network security. The intricate and complex components used not only meet, but exceed the levels of cyber protection expectation, but also offers out-of-the-box customisation for users that bring an enhanced layer of risk-based approaches. Da Vinci Forensics has established a well-organised SIEM SOC Centre that includes a full team involved in an analytical approach across the entities of host, user and network and creates a complete roadmap designed as an advanced threat defense.”

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