Da Vinci Forensics offers user generated content moderation and brand protection services in various languages.

We can moderate on all platforms and media including social networks. DA Vinci uses technology in certain instances but most processes are handled by our highly skilled moderators. In certain countries we believe the human touch to be more beneficial in understanding the cultural view.
Da Vinci offers training to any business that would like to moderate their content with our full eModeration training package.

Brands need to protect their identity and online presence and the interaction they have with customers. The risk with user generated content is that it has the potential to harm the reputation of your brand if not monitored.

We moderate the following across all platforms:

  • Spam
  • Fraudulent content
  • Potential child abuse or safety issues
  • Copyright
  • Trademark Infringement
  • Abusive material
  • Irrelevant content or images
  • Social Media Platforms

Da Vinci Forensic teams are here to assist you in ensuring your business grows successfully, as your partner we would like to offer you peace of mind as we ensure your brand remains trustworthy and safe.

Our multilingual moderators are based all around the world and are trained and supervised by our trained management and project leaders. Our staff require police clearance and are fully trained to deal with the risks associated with our digital world today.


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