Reasons Why Companies Need Cybersecurity Training
Reasons Why Companies Need Cybersecurity Training

When we examine how business is conducted, we recognise that a majority of everything that we do is connected with technologies. We now rely on the internet and networks for almost everything that we do, and as technology advances the abilities of cybercriminals is also advancing. Cyber security consulting in South Africa is more important than ever as a method to protect proprietary data and the clients that are served. A majority of cyberhacking typically involves employees in a variety of levels and cybersecurity training is now considered to be a top priority.

Creating a Cybersecurity Culture

Cybersecurity training goes beyond just the “do’s and don’ts” for staff members. It brings employees up to date on the approach that the company is taking, best practices, and the new policies set in place that they can be a part of. Training empowers staff to not only understand why these steps are being taken but also lets them comprehend the importance. In today’s business world cybersecurity has become part of the culture of a company and it is critical to make employees a part of the solution.

Reasons Why Companies Need Cybersecurity Training

Beyond Passwords

Most companies initially encouraged employees to be aware of security by establishing strong passwords and changing them often. Sadly, that is the extent of security effort that many businesses go to, and cyber criminals know this. Cybersecurity training brings a state of awareness to employees so that they can recognise bad actors that are attempting to breach their systems and attack vectors.

Cybersecurity Training Saves Money

The cost of even the smallest breach has a price tag that can be in the millions. Beyond that, it can destroy a company’s reputation to the point of closure. Cybertraining is considered to be part of the cost of doing business in today’s world and the benefits can include keeping a company protected from:

  • Revenue loss
  • Damage to a reputation
  • Client loss
  • Disruptions in operations
  • Lawsuits
  • Theft of intellectual/proprietary property
  • Having client data, sensitive business equipment/information compromised

Improve Employee Confidence and Stress Reduction

In a report released by Kaspersky Lab, they showed that 69% of individuals indicated that data breach news caused them stress. When staff are educated through cybersecurity training they will have the latest information on methods of attack, be able to identify potential criminals and reduce their anxiety levels. Proper cybersecurity training also alerts employees to the type of risky behaviour that can often result in breaches and increase confidence that they can play a major role in maintaining security levels.

“DaVinci Cybersecurity brings educational forums and workshops that are customised to each individual business. Our cybersecurity training in South Africa offers both standard education for employees and IT professional levels. The training that we present lets all levels of staff be a part of the control to keep cybercriminals at bay, making them part of the solution in an interactive way. DaVinci Cybersecurity has become a premier contact for cybersecurity consulting in South Africa.”

Sharon Knowles, CEO DaVinci Cybersecurity



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