Today’s Cyber Security Requires a Change in the Way we do Things – with “Detection” as Constant Priority
Today’s Cyber Security Requires a Change in the Way we do Things – with “Detection” as Constant Priority
Today’s Cyber Security Requires a Change in the Way we do Things – with “Detection” as Constant Priority

The world of cyber security hasn’t evolved fast enough. Threat actors that were once working out of their garages are now well-funded and have the ability to make changes at a moment’s notice. Cyber security has maintained a methodical and organised way of dealing with these criminals, but it’s slow and bogged down. Experts are now analysing what critical pieces of the old-school methods are useful, adding new actions, and tossing the rest away. The problem with the former approach centered around the attempt to “protect,” while detection of a breach went unchecked.

Agencies around the globe are making drastic alterations to their cyber security strategies. In many cases, risk analysis would be instituted, and a protection strategy established. An organisation would be cyber ready for that moment, but there would be little, or no attention given to additional changes or updates for a duration of time. Critical infrastructure would become vulnerable, breaches would occur, and it might take as long as nine months for the attack to be discovered. A cyber security company indicated that the average time period between a breach and discovery can be 146 days. The amount of damage done can be excessive enough to take an organisation down.

Cyber security specialists are now focusing on more advanced tools that are constantly reviewed and updated. The concept of prevention and protection should complement each other as methods to deter. However, most specialists know that a breach is inevitable, so detection has been elevated in the process so that IT staff and cyber security professionals establish consistency for timely monitoring, correlation, threat analysis, and vulnerability intelligence from sources that are both external and internal.

Detection is the “key” that catapults an organization into a response action to limit the damage. Once the breach has been taken care of the next priority is to examine the cause(s). A majority of these incidents have been fueled by internal and external changes that were left unchecked as they related to security. Incident analysis will pave the groundwork for approach alterations so that it isn’t repeated.

The more updated processes are called MDR (Managed Detection and Response) and is a critical tool to allow protection and prevention. The benefits of MDR not only include consistent monitoring and change/update recommendations but can accomplish it without the need for additional staff. MDR blends technology with human interaction and observation to perform threat hunting, monitoring, and response. MDR reduces what has historically been known as “alert fatigue” when organisations began to slack in response to the many possible security attacks. MDR assists in taking the response time and method of addressing the sheer volume of the attacks and hones it down to fast and efficient responses. The ability to shift to the schemes used by threat actors through consistent monitoring with MDR allows organisations to view and respond to their techniques in an organic way. With 24/7 surveillance, tools such as endpoint detection and response (EDR) are employed so that the detection is fast and swift actions are taken for containment.

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“DaVinci Cybersecurity has a team of specialists that work with large and small organisations to institute smart plans for cyber attack detection, protection, and monitoring. Using MDR, companies can have peace of mind knowing that their organisation is constantly monitored, and fast notification and action is taken if any security incidents are discovered.”

–      Sharon Knowles, CEO DaVinci Cybersecurity

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